Material & Product Sourcing

If you source materials for your business from the United States, we can help. We have a long list of manufacturers and distributors we work with. Let us know what industry you are in and we can build the ideal solution to meet your needs.

We can source a wide variety of goods at very competitive pricing. We are glad to ship to any consolidator that you choose.
Some examples are:

  • lumber, timber, drywall and other building materials
  • hardwoods, exotic woods and shingles
  • fasteners, nails, screws and bolts
  • decking materials
  • windows & doors
  • granite, quartz, zodiac and corian
  • appliances
  • lighting and fans
  • glass
  • metals
  • furniture
  • flooring
  • mattresses
  • A/C supplies
  • electrical supplies
  • plumbing supplies
  • irrigation supplies
  • pool equipment
  • paints and coatings
  • bottled water
  • hotel amenities
  • Dickies brand clothing (ideal for resort staff uniforms)
  • disposable items (paper products, can liners, etc.)
  • tires
  • auto parts & engines
  • propane tanks and supplies
  • storage containers
  • floating docks and wooden dock materials
  • oils, grease, fluids, etc.

We always say, “if you tell us your need, we will tell you if we have a good source for that product…just give us a try.”

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